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This project has been developed for The Common Guild, for the Glasgow International Festival of visual arts, 2012. It involves engaging a series of processes and actions throughout Glasgow such as holding aloft a cast copy of a meteorite in front of various architectural facades for very short periods of time, negotiating with residents who live on Woodlands Terrace to open all their doors and windows at the same moment on Saturday April 28th, collecting and redistributing sticks from streets and parklands,  inviting people to pin up an A4 poster up in their workplaces that reads only from the perspective of an observer situated on the surface of the earth does day and night occur and developing a 'sounding' with steel hoops on the top floor of the city car park on the corner of Cambridge Street and Cowcaddens on Sunday 29th April between 5 and 6pm.

The pages of this blog track the development of each action as they occur on a day-to-day basis throughout the city. This blog becomes an expanded primary site for witnessing these provisional events, due to the fact that the audience for them exists incidentally at the moment of their occurrence. 

The only scheduled events which can be witnessed specifically or in any organised sense, are on Saturday 28th of April, between 11am and 12noon, up on Woodlands Terrace. Residents who live along this terrace have been invited to open all their doors and windows, for an hour. This event may (most likely) not eventuate, but the impetus of such an invitation is to test out the possibility, as a proposition.

On Sunday 29th of April between 5pm and 6pm, a sounding involving 6 steel objects will occur on the top floor of the car park on the corner of Cambridge Street and Cowcaddens. This event will conclude the sequence of actions.

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